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AR Showreel

Product Manager, Tencent, Shanghai


Here is a selection of AR effects I have been involved in as a product manager, where I define the feature, design the interactions, evaluate ML models, bridge developers with visual designers to launch a filter, and create tools for designers if necessary.

Christmas Eve

Combining 3DOF skybox and sky segmentation

Users can turn around to get an immersive experience


Magical Hair


Natural and magical hair dye effect, created with hair segmentation and multi-layer rendering
The project won Tencent Innovation Award in 202



Established 3D particle system

The gif below is an example of 3D particle system application combined with head orientation


Spring Bones

Defined spring bones mechanism by talking with 3D designers and researching on Unreal game engine

Built a tool with GUI for designers to adjust paratmeters while open up the front camera



Evaluated the segmentation algorithm with qualitative and quantitative methods to help developers iterate the model


Face Mesh Distortion

Distortion on real-time generated face mesh


Facial Expression

A subset of Apple Animoji, but only requires a RGB camera

Making the experience available for all users

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