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a system to capture and display telepresence for one-to-one conferencing

NYU Shanghai, July 2018

Collaborators: Michael Naimark, David Satiano, Cameron Ballard, and Bruce Luo


Telewindow is an ongoing telepresence research project, conducted under the guidance of prof. Michael Naimark. The research aimed to explore how a two-way, one-to-one communication, telepresence system can be developed and how this system can aid communication in the digital age. The work was presented at the International Symposium of Electronic Art (ISEA) 2022, Barcelona.


I joined the research group in May 2018 as one of the three initial team members. In the early stage of the research, we decided to prototype a device that acquires telepresence and displays it. My responsibility was among acquiring. We adopted Inter Realsense D435, a full-featured depth camera, to acquire 3D point cloud. With a matrix of it, we were able to merge the point cloud and convert it into a solid mesh. I accomplished the initial setup and multi-camera calibration with reference to Intel official documentation.

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