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President Washington and the Hedgehog

marker AR physics-based mobile game

Mobile Augmented Reality Studio Final Project, New York

December 2016

Game Background Setting

You may know that George Washington got a hatchet from his father when he was young. Later, came the story of Cherry Tree. However, do you know what happened on his way to the cherry tree? He actually met a small hedgehog but at that moment he was too afraid to bring the hedgehog back home. President Washington has been looking for that hedgehog for a long time and now it is your turn to help the hedgehog back to Washington's home.


President Washington and the Hedgehog is a marker AR physics-based mobile game that you can play with a one-dollar bill.

Marker AR is a way to overlay digital content on top of real-world objects, using computer vision techniques. It's usually used for extended information display. Physics-based game usually simulates physical collision and gravity to give players a more realistic experience. The project is intended to explore a way to combine physics-based experience into a real-world object with marker AR. It is built in Unity game engine, with Vuforia to support marker recognition.

A full introduction is available here.

All the 3D contents in this game are created in Audodesk Maya. Here is a fully rendered video.

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