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awakening Chinese dinning culture with creative technology

Third Place Winner in Cross-strait Youth Maker Competition, Shanghai

in collaboration with Prudence Yao, Nan Zhao and Weiyu Wang

August 2017

Zhù means chopsticks in Chinese. Zhù was brainstormed and developed during the Second Cross-strait Youth Maker Competition and was awarded as the Third Place after a 48-hour hackathon.

After studying away for a year, all four members in our group noticed that most foriegners we met in states took chopsticks as a very important factor of Chinese dinning culture. They tried their best to learn how to use it every time they visited Chinese restaurants.


In order to awaken this special culture inheritance, we decided to make daily objects more interactive, by combining NFC tags, animation and projection mapping to design an immersive dining experience. Users will be attracted by the unique experience but end up learning the history and culture of chopsticks.

In this team project, I acted as a developer to prototype circuit board and process NFC signals.

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